Vote! Colorado Voting Guide from Kalyn4Mayor

Don’t Stress, JUST VOTE F*CKER!

Look, I know this ballot is overwhelming and the commercials are gross, but seriously this Nov 6 vote matters sooooo much! There’s no electoral college that’ll steal your vote, and there are so many really important decisions to be made.

This country wants you to sit this one out so they can continue the fuckery, but let’s sit this one in instead!!

Here’s some awesome ballot guides and events happening with good people that’ll make this a whole lot easier – plus some of the issues really important to me myself and the people I love.

  • OCT 25 @ Mutiny w/ our favorite Bree Davies & guests! Fill out your ballot with good people and discuss the issues with local legends! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED more info
  • OCT 24 @ Whittier Cafe w/ All In Denver – Voting In The Name of Equity.  Bring your ballot more info
  • OCT 23 @ Ratio Beerworks. Ballots & Beers with political strategists.  more info


The ballot is huge and I’m still figuring stuff out myself, but here are some issues I’m definitely clear about….

  • Governor – Jared Polis

Let us not forget Polis’s challenger, Walker Stapleton, is KKK blood whose campaign money is coming from dirty places, and is not a fan of women making decisions for themselves… Polis is our best choice.

  • Prop 112 – YES!

This one is getting confusing and ugly.  The oil industry has put sooooo much money to defeat this, but COLORADO has got to start moving away from fracking!  Yes people will lose money, but that is the point and this is to keep drills away from our drinking water.  Let them drill farther away!!

  • Initiative 301 (aka the Caring4Denver Initiative) – YES!!!

Overdoses are the leading cause of deaths in Colorado.  Suicide is the leading cause of deaths amongst our youth.  So many of these are preventable with proper resources!  It’s only getting harder to survive with the cost of housing, and the current climate.  Everyone knows someone experiencing depression, and/or drug use.  Everyone knows they deserve support — this initiative will help raise the funding needed to create that support.

  • RTD Board Member – Shontel Lewis (District B)

Find out more about your district (RTD districts are different than city council districts, so find which letter district you’re in and check out the candidates) This vote is really important!! RTD is a mess.  RTD is closing stops all the time, buses and trains don’t run enough, fares are rising, and the majority of the people in charge of RTD’s operations DO NOT USE THE BUS! I rely on bus and light rail service, and seriously, RTD needs better leadership.  Do a little research and make the best choice you can for the board member who reps your district.

  • Amendment 73 -YES!

Colorado Public Schools need help, Denver Public Schools needs a whole lottahelp!

  • Amendment V – YES!

Our youth should be leading this ship!

  • Amendment A – YES!

Yes, Colorado’s constitution still includes the word slavery! This amendment has already been up for a vote and did not pass last time!! Let’s make it happen this time by voting yes on the removal.

  • Prop 111 – YES!

This is simple — we need to limit the amount of profit people make by keeping us in poverty.

  • Referred Measure 2A (Denver) – NO!

Our Parks & Rec already gets so much money every year from the general fund (and received over $150 million from the 2017 GO Bond, what?!) and yet, our parks are still not for everyone —  it is still illegal to sleep or rest in parks if you’re homeless.  So, HELL NO to more money for Parks & Rec until we take care of our people!

  • Initiated Ordinance 302 (Denver) – YES!

Many of our kids don’t have access to adequate, healthy food.  This is an easy win. Let’s start here.

  • Referred Measure 2E (Denver) – HELL YES!

Our own DIY campaign could pay for so many more ramps if the city matched any of you donors!

  • State Senator District 34 – Julie Gonzales!

She’s the truth and has been advocating for us forever.  A real deal leader.

  • Attorney General – Phil Weiser

This is a close race, and his opponent George Brauchler is real bad guy!  The AG position makes a lot of really important decisions and is a check+balance to federal power.

Let’s vote already!

Stay tuned for our next Kalyn4Mayor party… and by the way, if you see those ugly signs trying to buy houses for cash, take em’, save em’, and let’s make more art!

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